WHEN: Sunday the 15th of December at 12:00 pm
WHERE: Plaça del Diamant (https://goo.gl/maps/KpWwgZMnKwppRhQt7 )
PRICE: FREE (but you must register - spots are limited)
REGISTRATION: https://www.esn-ub.org/get-your-events


Hi everyone!

Did you know that the city of Barcelona hides more underground tunnels than the subway? During the Civil War, more than 1,400 shelters were built to protect against bombing. Nowadays, very few of them are open to the public, and we are visiting one of the most popular ones, located in Plaça del Diamant, in the heart of Gràcia.

The shelter of the Plaça del Diamant (a very well-known space in the city for the classic homonym of Catalan literature) is 13 metres deep. It is communicated by two stairs that are in the middle of the square that connect with five staircases completing the descent until where the galleries are, forming a labyrinth. Up to 270 people sitting on benches could take refuge in this space.

Join us in visiting one of the most known anti-aircraft shelters in Barcelona and discover the hidden part of the city and its history!

Spots are limited so make sure you register!

Hope to see you there!

ESN Barcelona UB Team