WHEN: Friday 9th of November
MP: Right under Arc de Triomf at 7:00 pm

¡Hola gente guapa!

Welcome brave ones interested on knowing what this event is all about. We are want to meet those of you who like sports, and specially running, and would like to join this Friday’s run!

We will do between 5-6 km and we will try to adapt it for everyone to go at his/her own pace. The meeting point and point of departure will be right under the Arc de Triomf.

Don’t be afraid if you are not in perfect shape, we will have fun anyways and do some exercise together.

If you want, we recommend you to download the app IWOPI and donate every KM we run to different causes, you only need to: 

Register: http://app.iwopi.org/login
Download any of these apps: http://app.iwopi.org/chooseapp#_=_ 
Register your KM and donate them! If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask!

Come on! Let’s get in shape and motivated together!

ESN Barcelona UB + ESN UPF