WHEN: Thursday
MP: Right under Arc de Triomf at 18:30h

¡Hola gente guapa!

Time to workout! :D The meeting point will be under the Arc de Triomf. Please don’t be late, we don’t want to get cold :D

Don’t be afraid if you are not in perfect shape, we will do at least two distances to try to adapt to everyone. The first one will be Arc de Triomf- Forum - Arc de Triomf (10km); the second one Arc de Triomf - Vila Olímpica - Arc de Triomf (5km).

Besides, if you want, you can download the app IWOPI and donate every KM we run to different causes, you only need to: 

Register: http://app.iwopi.org/login
Download any of these apps: http://app.iwopi.org/chooseapp#_=_ 
Register your KM and donate them! If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask!

Come on! Let’s get ready for the season ;P