Meeting Point: 11:30pm in front of Hard Rock Cafe (Plaça Catalunya Metro L1, L3)
WHEN: Saturday 15th until Sunday 16th
WHERE: Can Riera de Ciuret, Catalonia, Spain
Welcome Pack is NEEDED


Hi everyone!

Next weekend we have a huge plan for you… INTEGRATION WEEKEND! This is always a big event, but this time we have made it even better. Check out the planning:

Saturday midday:

- We jump in the bus road to the rural house near Sant Celoni
- We have lunch at the house (everyone brings their own!)
- We start games and group dynamics, so we can all get to know each other
- Time to put your Hawaiian outfit on, it would be too boring without any :P
- Dinner time: we all get to try our food and drinks from Catalunya
- BEER CANTUS! If you don’t know what it is… we don’t want to spoil your night :P
- We party all night long. Music, games, drinks, fun!

Early Sunday morning:

- Breakfast altogether!
- Pool time, we are sure it will be sunny to enjoy it!
- More group dynamics for everyone :D and...
- It’s time to say ‘goodbye’, we get back to Barcelona

So.. what am I paying for?

- Transport from Barcelona to the rural house (almost 130km both ways)
- All the food you can eat
- All the drinks you can drink 
- Night over in a rural typical Catalan-style house called “Masia” (yes, like Barça), with pool
- Group dynamics with all the other Erasmus students in Universitat de Barcelona this semester
- Fun in a rural area, which is very common among Catalan youth, you’ll love it!


- Do you have your Welcome Pack already? It's 55€ at the office or 60€ 
- You don't have your Welcome Pack? It's 70€ (for both)

Spots are limited, plus we are already running out of them, so if you are interested, GO FOR IT!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask any of our sexy coordinators!

Hope to see you there!

ESN Barcelona UB Team