WHEN: Tuesday 13th 6.30pm
- TO GO to Sitges Plaça de Catalunya, 21 - Barcelona at 6.30pm
- TO COME BACK to Barcelona Avinguda Sofia, 41 - Sitges at 3am
HOW MUCH: 8,50€
GET YOUR SPOT: www.esn-ub.org/get-your-events


¡Hola gente guapa!

The best Carnival in Catalonia is in Sitges next Tuesday 13th February and the best way to celebrate it is with ESN ;) So get a cool costume and come to celebrate Carnival with us!
A return ticket by train costs 8.40€, but we will go to Sitges by bus and we’ll come back all together from there also by bus, you will experience the Carnival atmosphere and we have a lot of surprises! Please, be very punctual, they won’t wait for anyone!

GET YOUR SPOT: www.esn-ub.org/get-your-events

- Bring your own food cause that night bars are very crowded and very expensive.
- Sitges is going to be really crowded, we might not be able to stay together all night long. Don’t lose sight of your friends!
- Usually it's a cold night there, so take it into account when choosing your costume.
- In Sitges, with so many people around, you should be careful with pickpockets.Try not to take anything valuable with you! (You have to be extra careful with your phones!)

See you on Tuesday!

ESN UAB Barcelona and ESN Barcelona UB