Hi Erasmus!

On this occasion we are contacting you for a quite unique reason: we want you to collaborate with us and in a very special way!

Probably you have heard about the SocialErasmus project and its educational side, Erasmus in Schools, which usually consists on visiting schools to foster international mobility, show different languages and promote cultural diversity among younger children.

This time we have decided to go one step further and organise a summer camp, the Campamento EiS! In this camp there will be 70 kids, 8 ESN staff members and 7 exchange students, who will spend three days in the Province of Valencia enjoying different activities, games and workshops to show the kids the big opportunities that international mobility offers.

All the information can be found in our website: https://campamento.esn-spain.org/registro-erasmus as well as in the attached booklet. If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us at campamento.eis@esn-spain.org.

It is important to note that all transportation, accommodation and food expenses will be covered by ESN Spain.


If you would like to share your exchange experience with these kids and to show your country's language, cuisine or culture, sign up now!

For the selection of candidates, the following characteristics will be valued:

  • Knowledge about the project Erasmus in Schools.

  • Experience attending Erasmus in Schools activities.

  • Good relationship with the ESN section.

  • Experience in activities with kids and/or summer camps.

  • Good command on Spanish.

  • English language domain.


If you are interested, you only have to register on https://campamento.esn-spain.org/registro-erasmus and contact your closest ESN section, since they will be consulted during the selection process. The registration will be open until 23rd February. Don't forget to send your CV and motivation letter after having completed the registration form to: campamento.eis@esn-spain.org.

And if you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us at campamento.eis@esn-spain.org.

We are waiting for you!