Our collaboration with the foundation “Ludàlia” started almost two years ago. Ludàlia organises activities and events for people with intellectual disabilities in search of a normalization of leisure and culture for this minority group. 

 The aim or objectives of this collaboration are:

  1. Normalization of minority groups

  2. Promoting social inclusion

  3. Bidirectional learning

  4. Demystification of stereotypes

  5. Creating a safe environment between groups based on equality, respect and mutual acceptance

 With Ludàlia we ensure an inclusive perspective on behalf of all agents involved. On the one hand, it is inclusive for international students as it allows them to participate in all the activities organized within the collaboration either for free or for an affordable price. On the other hand, it is also inclusive for the target group -people with intellectual disabilities- as in every activity organized the environment created focuses on giving them a new perspective and learning through international students. 

Throughout the many activities we have organised within the framework of this context, Ludàlia’s members have been able to mingle with international students, which involved an exchange of thoughts, opinions, traditions… while also sharing leisure and entertaining moments. Some of the activities we did together are:

  • Cooking workshops: we organized several cooking workshops aimed at providing a space for international students to taste the local cuisine and also for Ludàlia’s users to participate in cooking workshops and interact with young international students while enjoying a cultural tradition. 

  • Amusement park visits: we went to Tibidabo, a local amusement park with loads of activities and coasters located in one of the most popular sites of Barcelona. International students had the chance of interacting with the local culture while having a blast with Ludàlia’s people, making a bond while having fun.

  • Afternoon parties: on Sundays, Ludàlia organizes an evening party for its users in which international students are invited to take part in its safe environment and dance, talk and have fun while promoting social inclusion through leisure. 

  • Calçotada: This allowed us to encourage Ludàlia’s members to teach our international students about this very local and seasonal tradition, whilst at the same time they had the unique chance of interacting with our exchange students. This fostered a safe and intercultural environment in which Ludàlia’s users felt comfortable and grateful and aimed to take the collaboration even further.

  • And more!!