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Tips on finding a place

Whether you're already here in Barcelona or about to arrive. It's always great to be informed about the options to find a place to live and enjoy your Erasmus in Barcelona to the fullest. In this post we will talk about some of them.


Portals to search for a flat

There are many portals to find a room or flat, but our personal recommendation is Badi. This website works like social media: Once you login, you can create a public profile in which you write information about yourself. The renters will also have an online profile with their information. You also have the possibility not to pay any floor bond since Badi takes charge of it in some of the available rooms. Give it a try!

Should I rent a room or a flat?

It depends on your needs. Let's talk about the advantages of each one.

Rooms: It's easier and more student budget friendly. Let's just say it's all on wheels. You don't have much responsibility, you just pay month-to-month and maybe some bail. Definitely a great option.

Flats: It's more complicated and expensive but it can be interesting. You have to pay a larger sum of money in addition to a bigger bail in case there's an agency in between. You have to hire the basic services to live yourself. But it can be interesting since you choose who to live with and you are able to set your own rules at your place. 

How much do I have to pay for a room or a flat?

The price you can pay for a room or apartment depends on how you want it to be and how many amenities you need. To say a figure as average rooms refers, you can find prices in between 300 and 550€ approximately (Basic services included). And in terms of flats,  between 800 and 1200€ approximately (Basic services not included). Always remember to talk to your landlord in order to leave every detail arranged.

We strongly recommend you signing a tenancy agreement or contract when you rent a place. Even if it can raise the price.

Who should I live with?

This is an important issue: it really depends on your lifestyle. If you're more into party and you're active, try to find a place with young people. 

On the other hand, if you're looking for peace and a more quiet place to live in, it may be your thing to live with older people. It’s also a good possibility!

Choosing the right people and talking from the beginning about your lifestyle is going to save you a lot of headaches and disagreements.

Tricks and tips when finding accomodation.

  • Above all, we recommend using filters in apps to find flats or rooms. From lowest to highest price.
  • Always sign a contract or a tenancy agreement.
  • The farther away from the central areas the cheaper it will be. Explore areas that are not too demanded.
  • Finding places without furniture can make your rent cheaper.
  • In case you already have friends in Barcelona, ask them if they can help you find an available room.
  • Check out Whatsapp and Facebook groups.


What about student residences? 

Student residences have their pros and cons. Among its pros we find that they are very comfortable and usually have food and cleaning service. But you can also find that they are quite expensive. Luckily, with your ESNcard you have a good discount on Xior Student Housing. Check out our social media for more details.

These are some of our tips for looking for accommodation in Barcelona. We hope you choose wisely.

A giant hug!

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